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Federal Gold Exchange conducts business through the principles of integrity, and benefits on the behalf of our clients. Our specialists are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest political, financial and economic trends to help our Nation in avoiding traditional investment accounts/schemes that have continually proven to be unsteady and unreliable. This is why we take the time to earn your trust and keep you informed on the market's best financial protection options. Our priority here at Federal Gold Exchange is to help you fight against our depreciating US dollar, and to hedge against inflation. We are a boutique firm that practices wealth management to provide you with world renowned investments for the lowest possible competitive price. We utilize small office spaces coupled with high quality specialists to ensure low rates and provide you with a complete, balanced investment or retirement portfolio specifically tailored to your needs!

Real Precious Metals

Aside from our competitive low prices, investors alike choose Federal Gold Exchange for both our insured door step deliveries and seamless access to top security depositories around the world. We exchange physical bullion and investment-grade metals. We do not support or sell silver spider funds, mining company stocks, gold certificates, or gold ETFS due to the fact that they are all adversely affected by the over-printing of the Federal Reserve. This again is why Federal Gold Exchange stays in line with our conservative angle of wealth management to provide investment options that have minimal third–party risk.

Service and Delivery

We guarantee shipment of all precious metals within 10 business days after receipt of exchange; whereas retirement accounts could take slightly longer to solidify. Federal Gold Exchange delivers your fully insured and secured precious metals by means of world renowned, private shipping companies such as FedEx and USPS. All clients are provided with tracking information and require signature upon delivery.


In order to further our customer satisfaction, Federal Gold Exchange will lock in your price up to 24 hours prior to any investment due to dynamic spot prices on precious metals. Locking a price does not obligate you to a transaction, and shields every one of our clients from any unfavorable market fluctuations that may occur before an order is established. For example: If the price of gold increased overnight, you exchange LESS money for MORE gold. Congruently so, if for some reason the price of gold were to pull back during that time, Federal Gold Exchange will re-lock you at the lower price point to save you even more money!

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