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Summer '97, President Bill Clinton agreed to the Taxpayer Relief Act. This act stated that Americans have the option to own gold and silver amongst other various types of precious metals in their IRA's. Since this decision, many people like yourself have been taking advantage of the huge returns and ultimate protection that precious metals have been providing them. Can you remember the last time your financial advisor has called to see how you are doing? Do you remember when you were called multiple times a month with updates and proposals? Time passes and the calls become less frequent. Once a year you are now discussing the safest or best route to stop bleeding from your accounts, or correct your losses. Why hasn't your financial advisor suggested moving your portfolio into physical gold with a healthy and profitable track record of 11 years in solid value? The reason is due to the fact that financial advisors have no way of making money once you have your OWN hands on your OWN investment and wealth! Take a look at this data:

Gold! Gold!

All IRA accounts are available for transfer- with the option of transferring just a portion or even the entire account. When these funds are being transferred, they hold their tax deferred status in both Traditional and SEP accounts, while Roth IRA accounts exponentially grow entirely tax free! This trade is a conversion of a US paper-backed account, into an internationally high valued precious metals-backed account. This great news additionally attributes to your accounts by rendering them eligible to KEEP MAKING YOU MONEY as well as protecting your current wealth from any sort of financial decline or inflation.

In addition to these recent changes made by the IRS, some 401k plans are readily compatible with precious metals conversions! Do you have an old 401k? If so, you may be eligible to roll your very own assets into a self-directed Precious Metals IRA. The only clients who generally do not meet qualifications are currently employed by the company their 401k is held under. We currently offer free portfolio analysis. If you are ready to start making money AND start taking informed steps on how to protect your current and/ or future assets, call or fill out a contact form today and see if you have an account that qualifies for this amazing opportunity!

As mentioned, Federal Gold Exchange account executives are here to offer a free, full portfolio analysis. We are one of the few firms that care and cater to each individual's accounts and needs. The time to learn what options you qualify for is now. Protect and solidify your financial future today.


What metals do I purchase and use in my Precious Metals IRA account? Based on track record and years of data, Proof American Eagles are historically the best investment metal your IRA account could be backed with. These Proof Gold American Eagles help to protect your money from the volatility of mutual funds and other common retirement accounts; making them our top recommendation for both the gold and silver renditions of these beautiful coins. Utilizing the common citizen knowledge of supply and demand, Proof Gold and Silver are minted in an increasingly limited quantity per year- which grants these coins with greater ceilings for profit, and an even truer protection and security from economic crisis or inflation.

Unlike regular gold or silver coins, Proof Gold and Silver sets are typically pressed 7-9 times and kept in perfect condition- establishing the wealth with a successful, detailed, 'mirror-like' finish; and are a true beauty to look at! Call in, or fill out our contact form to begin your IRA transfer today!

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