Silver is often overlooked in the eyes of many investors due to a common failure to mention or recognize its great quality and value. Silver has been used as an actual currency in more systems than gold due to its smaller denominations.

Explosive Growth

A new bull market began in 2003 when silver went from $4.50/oz to over $32/oz in a single day. The most compelling indicators to invest in silver are based on economic fundamentals, and in today’s market are more bullish than even our 1970’s when silver peaked at 50/oz. In the last decade, silver has returned on investment over 800%.

Today, experts conduct that silver is soon projected to reach $90 to $150/oz. Silver is used in many industries throughout the world. Silver is used in medical equipment, hydration purification systems, solar panels, electronics, mirrors and batteries. With an abundance of uses, investment worth and high industry demand since 1990, silver maintains its own prestige as a reliable asset to ensure protection for your wealth.

Why is silver in such high demand? It is a well-known fact that there is more gold in vaults around the world than silver has above ground. Why is this? Most of our silver once refined is expended or used in products that cannot be retrieved. The reason for this behavior is in conjunction with silver's unique properties: strong, malleable, highly conductive, sensitive to light, cleansing and endurance to extreme temperatures. Silver is a well sought after commodity that is extremely hard to replace and will be in economic requisition for some time.

What type of silver is best suited for you?

Silver has an expected bright future and is potentially amongst one of the best retirement solutions available for the average investor. But what is the best type of silver to own?

For the common investor there are many types of silver to buy; one of which is Wall Street's latest silver ETF's. For investors that can afford to lose money, this would be a good option. If you are looking to maximize protection and stability in diversification, collectible U.S. Silver coins are the best coins for you. Consider this, in 2001 the precious metals bull market as we know it began- Since then, Silver Morgan Dollar prices have been up only 80%. This directly correlates with a huge upturn potential over the next few years with minimal risk and enormous return expectations. Speak with one of our precious metals specialists to determine which type is the best fit for your financial goals.

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