A Definition of Beauty Essay

A saying that stands out to me is, “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express” that is quoted by an English philosopher, Francis Bacon. Beauty is something that is a pleasure to people and can be a pleasing type of word. This word can mean plenty of things and the way I see it is most used is to describe someone’s looks but I do think it has a deeper meaning. People might often only use the dictionary definition but when it comes to meanings, some words might have more than one definition and beauty is being one of them.
Beauty has been defined in so many ways. The basic definition is often defined going towards a person, it is a word that is commonly used for someone’s appearance. To me, there is not a clear definition that explains what beauty is; there are many words to describe the word. I feel like it could be misunderstood at times since it could be a complex word. To fully explain what beauty is, it would take more than just a few words. People will have multiple definitions for words and that is depending on what is most suitable for them and this specific word does not just have one dictionary meaning. This is all based on a person's point of view, it can mean different things for different peoples. Connecting to what is most suitable and the person's point of view, it can also be based on a person's background or culture when defining a word. To me, beauty means a word to describe the uniqueness and something/someone that amazingly stands out. Going in more depth of my definition of the word, using this word helps explain how people would want to express their thoughts or feelings towards something amazing. The well-known meaning of beauty and my definition of the word both ties together but they have their differences.
Not only can beauty be defined differently but it can also be described in different ways. I believe beauty is used for many things because over plenty of years, society has figured out several ways to define or use this word. The topic of beauty is always being explored in other ways. Everyone has different perspectives from another person, someone might consider beauty to be something else than from what the other person thinks of the word. People might even have a hard time defining what beauty means or trying to a person to see the word in their view. It has many meanings to just one word and I think it is important for people to know the different meanings. I see people use this word in different ways, people come from other backgrounds from yours which can lead to how they use this word. A similar word people use besides beauty is beautiful. These two connect because they have an alike meaning. The list can go on when listing the ways this word is used, some ways are not what people would have even thought of.
One of the known ways to use beauty is to talk about someone’s looks. Connecting to people’s looks, there are words like beauty tools and beauty salons which are things and a place that helps your appearance for men or women, based on supplies for beauty. Blogger, Samantha Ann, in her text, “What Does Beauty Mean To You?” Real Women Share Their Answers”, published in Open Letr, addresses her response in the question of what does the word mean to her. In her response she writes, “Beauty. What does it mean? Putting on makeup? Applying skincare routinely? Catching the eyes of strangers?” (Ann, para. 1). She also says in her response, “But for some reason when many hear the word beauty they immediately go to the physical aspects” (Ann, para. 1). Her whole response is talking about the appearance of women but I do I agree with her because for the most part when someone sees or hears the word they quickly think it is towards the looks of someone. This is a commonly used way for this word, I always used the word to describe someone’s looks but now that I have gotten older and surrounded myself with others of all types I use it in different ways just like how I explained before because it is not just about a person's looks. Since this is the most often way to use this word it is almost everywhere.
There are other things the word is used and to me it is important to know how else the word can be used. Shapes, colors, and art are just a few things that have beauty in them that are overlooked. Things are different from one another, whether it is objects or people. Since they are all so different with their shapes and sizes they have beauty within them. With colors, they are all over the place, all you see is color and I can say that beauty does exist in color. Writer, Christian Bird, in his online article, “Colors & Cultures”, published in Beauty Packing, talks about the importance of colors and how they are put into the world. He says, “We have innate reactions to color, which are embedded in who we are as human beings” (Bird, para. 2). The responses and reactions from color are important; they can have a strong meaning which creates the beauty in the color. He also says later in his article that based on cultures, colors could mean different to different people. In another article, “The beauty of colours”, by the writer, Yungene Lee, published in Medium, explains the differences colors can do and gives his readers examples of multiple colors that are used in the world. In his article he mentions, “The world is beautiful” (Lee). The article is about colors being powerful which I agree on, having no color existing is not something we would be used to which is something we more likely would not want. With no colors, things would be dull, all the colors out there in the world that exist do make a difference. This is why color has beauty and why beauty is in color. One of the last examples is art, it has beauty within it. Artists show their source of beauty in their artwork. In an online article, “What is Art?, published in Lumen Learning, it gives different information about art and a deeper explanation about it. They say, “Beauty in terms of art usually refers to an interaction between line, color, texture, sound, shape, motions, and size that is pleasing to the senses” (Lumen Learning). Art has a lot of things that are presented in the artwork made which is their way to show beauty. These three examples; shapes, colors, and art, do have beauty in them even if you might think they can not.
Beauty is a complex word. People need to know more than the basics of the word. Beauty is everywhere in life, there is so much beauty that is shown in the world. Exploring the word is always a go-for me because I like to get a better understanding. Writer, Lexi Herrick, in her online article, “What Is the Real Definition of Beauty?”, published in HuffPost, she talks about her understanding of the world. She states at the beginning of the article, “Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world” (Herrick, para. 1). The word beauty has multiple and multiple definitions. She defined beauty as, “It’s the images and moments that inspire and represents the most distinct and remarkable attractiveness of our souls” (Herrick, para. 2). After reading different things about beauty I realized that beauty can be involved with anyone and anything. Cultures, even individuals have different perceptions of beauty. Each has put together their idea of what the word means. Beauty is everywhere in life and not just in somebody’s looks.
The word beauty has an important word to me, it can be used towards many things. This one specific word has plenty of definitions, it would be hard to use it in just a few words. Beauty is defined by many people, finding a meaning can go a long way. Beauty is usually known as the basic meaning of someone’s looks which to me that is how I see or hear it is normally used. Yes, I also agree that beauty can be to describe someone’s look but I do think the word has more importance in it. Everyone will have their definition, beauty is a unique word to describe and define. There is more to the word than just your meaning which makes it difficult to define the word. People come from different backgrounds, this might affect how people might use this word. My definition of the word beauty is describing uniqueness and something/ someone that amazingly stands out. Need an exemplification essay topics for college students? I recommend you going to this website. Everyone can find a lot of templates of academic paper there. They are free to use.